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 Duties of The Accounting Office:
The Accounting Office handles matters related to NTUNHS’s annual and monthly accounting, bookkeeping and statistics needs. From the School’s establishment through the end of FY1997, we managed the school budget in the traditional manner. Since FY1998; however, the budget has been managed as a non-profit fund.

The Accounting Office is committed to service and offering transparent fund management. We strive to support the work of teaching and research at NTUNHS. We also seek to improve our work, simplify administrative procedures required for fund applications, enhance the School’s accounting practices and the overall accounting environment, and improve the operational efficiency of school fund in compliance with the regulations governing the use of the NTUNHS school funds.

Direction of Development:
Since the School fund was established, the Accounting Office has been planning and carrying out the computerization of its accounting work to simplify accounting procedures, improve operational efficiency and quality, strengthen internal control, enhance fund use efficiency, and bolster the School’s financial structure.